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The first to fourth grades of elementary school are basic education. All courses are compulsory. The four main courses are English, math, science and mother tongue (including Chinese, Malay and Tamil). Other courses include music, art, and civic education. In some selected schools, this course is taught in a native language), health education, society and sports. Students begin to study science from the third grade of elementary school.
Primary school students at the end of the sixth grade of primary school must take the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). The test subjects are divided into four main courses. According to the test results, students will be able to enter different schools to study fast courses, general academic or general technical courses.
Although the University of Singapore is as “westward and strict” as the West, the actual diversion has actually started since the PS6. PSLE is comparable to the watershed of all Singaporean candidates and the competition is fierce. According to the PSLE scores, Singapore students will enter secondary schools in different directions, so as to enter different levels of higher education institutions, it can be said that "a test for life".
For the name of the Singapore Small Journal, the Science and Education Recommendation:
  • Parents planning to let their children go to Singapore at the elementary school level should plan their immigration as early as possible, because if you want your child to enter a small school, you will have the opportunity to get Singaporean status;
  • In order to increase the success rate of children's enrollment, parents who have already obtained PR status may consider purchasing a school district within a public scope near the primary school, because students with a home address within one kilometer of the school during the registration period of the schooling period are tight. have more advantages;
  • If your child is still young, you can consider immigrating to Singapore as early as possible to obtain PR status. After moving to Singapore, parents actively participate in community volunteer work, so that they can register for children at a higher level.
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